Simplicity Sells

Affordable design for small-business

Custom websites using digital marketing fundamentals

Design for long-term effectiveness

Analytics and a post-build marketing consultation included. Ensure your content clearly reflects your business goals. Get predictions about future technical needs to reduce obstacles.

Look spectacular across all devices

Fully-responsive design can easily increase costs by 30%, but certain design platforms allow Wong faster formatting for all screen sizes. A business page tailored to the consumer is expected to be mobile-friendly and hassle-free, and we know the most favorable tools for this job.


Perfect fundamentals. Efficient design saves you time.


Content First

Stay trendy and follow
digital marketing tips. Optimize and consolidate content, then make it obvious
to search engines and media.



Product placement. Easy searches. Minimal clicks and intuitive navigation.



Protect yourself from
cyber warfare- the largest and fastest-growing threat to online business. Hide
client data with strong design, reliable hosting, and safe practices.



Custom reporting is essential to growth for storefronts and any high-traffic sites. Discuss custom reporting and analytic options. Weekly or bi-weekly reports with hosting means Wong won’t let you fail from lack of a clear marketing plan.


Receive a personal phone number and email to contact your designated agent. Screen-sharing or video-call meetings are encouraged. The BrioDigital marketing agency provides 24/7 support and response times are nearly instant.


Design is fast with the growing community of designers and free code. Wong copies (and pastes) proven techniques and benefits from a variety of powerful tools included in his development platforms.


Effective design, competitive pricing, no overseas outsourcing! Negotiate directly. Necessary and optional expenses are explained clearly. Proposals drafted in under two days!


Want to outshine a competitor, push your brand to relevant audiences, or host ads for revenue? Need content writing, SEO growth, or a marketing campaign? Wong supports local advertising agencies, knows great online companies, and has his own free and paid marketing software preferences- accommodating all budgets.


Surprise your visitors with stunning graphics and media that Wong will create, find, or edit for you. Simply explain your needs and email any high-quality files. Wong will ensure it draws attention correctly and sync social media to keep your brand consistent.


How much does it cost to create a typical small-business website from scratch?

Creating a business page of any kind will
rarely cost under $1k; the price is remarkably higher for complex programming, e-commerce, or large databases and secure information. However, Wong has specific tools geared toward small-business budgets and will search for
alternatives whenever possible. Wong is familiar with various 3rd-party applications that create storefronts, organize client data, send emails, and most common business functions. These require an account to be made and have limitations, but can easily save hours of programming and actually reduce your overall maintenance by staying up-to-date for you. Simple content and portfolio pages start very low! Unique features programmed from
scratch are at least $40/hr.

Professional graphics, 24/7  support, SEO, and revisions under $3,000!!! What am I missing?

For a bargain price, you may not receive a CMS (content management system) to easily edit the website yourself. Or you might! Webflow and Wordpress have a powerful CMS and extremely easy-to-use editor perfect for swapping out text and images for a low monthly fee. Templates are perhaps the #1 method to saving time and money. If you don't choose a template, the next easiest way to convey your needs is to name example websites and list the features you like from them!

I’m clueless about website maintenance, what essentials do I need and at what price?

Wong specializes in simplicity and low-maintenance. Preventing mistakes with a solid design can save days of work. If you need a webmaster my team is available 24/7! You’ll regularly receive labor estimations for pre-established content
updates, keeping code up-to-date, managing user accounts, site-related
finances, etc. Maintenance and analytics are very affordable and absolutely necessary for consistent improvements and growth. A free post-build consultation includes a prediction about your future needs. A domain name is ~$20/yr and hosting on a truly reliable server with 99.999% up-time varies. That's all you need! Just ask for an estimate during your consultation!

How much does it cost to re-design my website?

If the website contains a lot of non-text/non-image content and is more than a year or two old, it might be a little expensive because old code can be slow to analyze or possibly wasn't designed for all devices. Wong will quickly point out the most expensive obstacles and probably find it cheaper to salvage some parts onto a new design template, hopefully eliminating troubleshooting/analysis times. Redesigns probably start around one or two thousand, but you can hear your estimate by sending a link to your website along with your goals and ideas!

How can I make my page unique without paying for fancy animations and graphics?

With unique content! Wong is familiar with several industries and will identify your strengths and weaknesses immediately. From a graphic design perspective, hide your flaws by creating strong focus points around your best content. Also, offer consumers something they can’t get anywhere else and give viewers an exciting reason to visit the site again. Something as simple as a relevant poll can make a page feel more interactive. At the moment, video ads are scoring some of the most positive results for product sales.

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How much do other companies charge to make my website?

Most design companies charge based on the estimated hours of labor (usually $40-60/hr but $100/hr is quite common). The problem is that many of these agencies outsource to foreign programmers with lower standards and poor communication so revisions and unique custom work turn out terrible. Outsourced work can't compare to my 100% professional results that increase sales the first week! Don't be a business owner that feels stuck trying to maintain social media because you lack a truly professional site. Every feature I build has a purpose towards driving meaningful traffic or converting visitors into clients.

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